What the Duck?

Sometimes you end up burning a few minutes doing a little surfing of the web and end up finding a few real gems…today was one of those days.

Today I stumbled across What The Duck from a posting on the SF Photography MeetUp Group and had to share it with everyone. What The Duck (WTD) is a photography specific comic strip that I’m already in love with. The WTD 68 strip is absolutely classic! I know a few people who could work that Halloween costume all night long and have a blast with it…

Another item that I found in my surfing was Photo Talk Radio (from the WTD site). I never realized that there was a Internet talk radio program about photography. I haven’t check this out yet, but will in the near future. I have been listening to the LensWork pod casts for the past few months and hope PTR is that same level of quality. I’m glad to see that PTR has pod cast feeds as well…it will be a great change of pace for my commuting time.

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