CS3 Beta Available

Today adobe announced availability of the CS3 Beta. This is a first for Adobe Photoshop, the ability to have beta access for testing, evaluating, planning a transition to the latest version of Photoshop. Some of CS3 new features that interest me are:

  • Enhanced Adobe Camera Raw
  • New version of Adobe Bridge
  • Non-destructive smart filters
  • Quick selection tool
  • Automatic layer alignment and blending
  • Vanishing point with multiple, adjustable angels and perspective planes

Honestly, the enhanced camera raw and bridge might be marginalized by Adobe Lightroom. I have been beta testing Lightroom for the past few months and I am considering adjusting my workflow to utilize it (I might find time over the holiday’s to finally do a write up on my experience with it…we’ll see…). Lightroom allows me to quickly process large numbers of photos (like after shooting a wedding or event). It is comparable to Apple’s Aperature (which I have not had the luxury to evaluate in depth like Lightroom, only short play time at the Apple Store).

Regardless of using Lightroom or not, there is still a need for a faster photo browser that understands raw format in my tool box. Lightroom requires importing photos before you can see them, and there is still times when I just want to browse through my recent captures.

Ah, the photographic life in the digital age, constant change…now if only my CS3 Beta would finish downloading…

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