Amazing HD Videography

Tonight I was relaxing at home after spending almost the past 2 weeks on the road. I normally wouldn’t think about writing about a television show on my photography blog, but after watching a few minutes of the Discover HD Theater’s Equator: Paradox of the Andes I quickly changed my mind. If you have an HD television and receive Discover HD Theater, I suggest that you check out this program during the next week (see site for specific show times…but be warned that the Discovery website has some annoying advertising that is hidden to look like part of the website–big pet peeve of mine…).

Once you see a HD broadcast, you start to appreciate the quality of the HD technology. Once you watch this episode, you will be amazed. This show features a number of scenes that contain images of humming birds native to the Equatorial Andes. What amazed me the most was the slow motion sequences that are included in this show. At times, I was starting to wonder if what I was watching was computer animated…there was that much detail and color!

The HD technology’s capability of keeping everything in focus, even with a high speed camera, is amazing and well displayed during this show. I can only image how many hours the videographers must have spent capturing those few seconds of film. As an occasional nature photographer, I appreciated and respect their work.

Check out this episode if you can!

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  1. I’ll check it out. If you haven’t seen the Planet Earth series on Discovery yet, you need to. It’s absolutely breathtaking, unlike anything i’ve ever seen!


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