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I have been in the Boston area for the past few days. Today, while visiting the concierge desk at my hotel to look for a pharmacy (more on that in another post shortly), I notice a list of events that the hotel maintains. On it was an entry for Photo Walks of Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and Freedom Trail. This caught my attention because I had brought my camera along on this trip in the hopes of getting some shooting time in.

While I didn’t actually take one of the photo walks (explanation due shortly), I did do a bit of research on the photo walks and wanted to share that information. These photo walks were started back in 2002 by Saba Alhadi who used to enjoy traveling the world and taking photos of her travels while she was a travel agent. She started the photo walks in Boston as a way to combine her joys of travel, photography and teaching. Today they offer 5 different tours around the Boston area for $25 per adult. In addition, they have links to other photo walks from around the world.

The photo walk idea is such a great way to explore a new area through photography, understand the historical context of what your photographing, and get to know other photographers. I used to do this by myself around San Francisco a few summers back when I had the summer off (I just called them Photo Safaris). I also know that Thomas Hawk and Robert Scoble will occasionally also do photo walks around San Francisco; but they’re not doing it as a business, rather as a way to get together with other photographers who read their blogs (I hope to join them the next time my travel schedule doesn’t conflict with one of their walks).

I highly recommend that you look into doing a photo walk (or similar venture). If your traveling somewhere, look to see if there are any photo walks in the area. Or just try to hook up with some photographers from the area for a less formal photo walk.

One of the great things about the internet, blogs, photography meetups, photo sharing sites and the like is the ability to network with others. What fun is the networking if you can’t use it to take some photos together?

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  1. I have put together a site that I hope many others may want to use. It is called, You are welcome to register with the site and post any upcoming photowalks that you organize. I plan to aggresively hype the site to the digital photography, photo sharing, and photowalking crowd. It’s my hope that can become the primary place for photowalking enthusiasts to converge, learn from each other, and interact.


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