Ankle Update

Well, after two weeks of recovery, my sprained ankle (see my Mind Your Surroundings post) is getting better. I can now walk with almost no noticeable limp…though my work-out and photo shooting routines are still on hold. Thanks to everyone for their kind emails of concern!

One of the annoying items that I noticed most as a result of my injury is the uneven nature of the pedals on most cars (Audi’s at least). “What?” you say…let me explain. For a while there, I couldn’t keep my foot at anything but close to a 90 degree angle. When driving my car, this meant that my whole bottom of my shoe had to be in contact with the pedal (never realized it before, but most of the time I just use the toe of my foot…). When you need to break, you usually slide you foot over to the break pedal…right? Wrong! You lift your foot and move it over the break pedal. Trying to keep my foot at the most comfortable angle for driving meant sliding my foot from gas to break…only the break pedal (on my two Audi’s at least) is higher off the floor than the “off” position of the gas pedal.

Where am I going with this? No where really, just pointing out a design flaw in automobiles…one that we have all adapted to overcome. Except when your ankle is sprained and it hurts to move it…

I’m hoping to be very close to healed by next weekend for the South Bay Photography Meetup shoot at Pinnacles National Monument south of San Jose!

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