$25,000 Photo Competition

(SmugBlog: Don MacAskill: The Last Photographer Standing – $25k Pot) Yes, you read that right. Digital Grin is sponsoring a photography competition and the ultimate winner will get $25,000. They have a very simple but consistent year long judging process with qualifying contents happening every 2 weeks. Check out the Last Photographer Standing website for details.

This is one of the most ambitious photography contents that I have seen. It looks to be an interesting year with some great photography!


An additional forum thread was posted on DG that details the prizes. The total prize value for this contest will $25k. The ultimate winner will net $7500. Sorry for any confusion on my part!

(Suggestion for the DG Folk: if you create a special domain for a contest like this, you should put all the info on the domain front and center, not in a forum posting…)

One thing I really like about the contest is how it is always running. Every two weeks they will review images and the winner goes on to the next round. This should give everyone a chance to submit some work (and the DG folk a better way of managing all the submissions!).

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