Cool Photographer Quote Generator

(Disclaimer: I am part of the team behind FocalPower)

Ever seen a memorable quote about photography that you wish you could randomly place on your website or blog? Well, now you can as easily as cut ‘n paste. And for free!

FocalPower has just released a photographer quotation generator widget that allows you to embed a random photography related quote within your website. Every time a page is loaded, the quote generator will supply a random quote from various photographers. You can see an example of this in action in the Photo Quote box to the right.

Visit FocalPower’s website to find instructions on using the Photography Quote Widget. The widget is being provided free to the photography community. You can easily install it within your photography website or blog.

Watch for other exciting changes coming from FocalPower in the near future.

One Reply to “Cool Photographer Quote Generator”

  1. Greg and the FocalPower team,
    Thanks for this very cool widget! I’m creating my own blog and stumbled upon yours via a meetup post of yours.


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