Photo: Spring Melt

I was going through some photos I shot last month during a weekend trip to Wisconsin for a surprise visit on my Dad’s 80th Birthday. While the family was hanging out together, my wife saw the snow melting off the roof of the condo we were staying in and suggested this shot.

I’m fortunate to have my own personal creative director in my wife, she has a great eye for images. She’ll say to me “hey, a great image would be this…” as she describes a scene to me. I then take a few minutes and a few shots and show her the images on my camera. As a creative director she’s also modest…she usually says “Wow, that’s better than what I was thinking of!”.

Thanks honey!

3 Replies to “Photo: Spring Melt”

  1. Wow! Your own personal creative director. Certainly, she does have a great eye. I thought that these were star trails and was trying to figure out how you did it!


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