Vacation Withdrawal Syndrome

Two days ago I got back from a vacation trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Below is the sunset from our balcony on our second day on the island. Click through to see it in full size and more images from the trip (as I work on them).

It was a wonderfully relaxing trip. Following my own advice, I left the laptop behind and have spent the past two days trying to get caught up after the vacation. Very difficult to do when you’re going through Vacation Withdrawal Syndrome! (I can still feel the warm ocean breezes…)

Hence my quietness of the past week or so. Now that I’m (mostly) caught up on unpacking, email, and reading my feeds, I’ll be working on processing my photos from the trip and posting samples here with the rest available on my website (which supports purchase of affordable prints of most of my work…). Also, there was nothing like a few relaxing days on the breach to let my mind sort through some photography related thoughts that have been collecting in my head. So I’ll be posting some other interesting stuff in the next few days as well.

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