One Good Story Leads to Another

So I finally had time tonight to read through the complete list of Favorite Photos and Stories Behind Them from Jim Goldstein’s blog. This was a great project idea on Jim’s part and wonderful collection of images and stories (at least most of them had stories…). One of the stories was G Dan Mitchell’s The Photograph, Zabriskie Point – Background Story. This got me thinking about a similar photo that I took last year.

(click through to see larger image)

I had an evening to burn in San Francisco (I was playing chauffeur for my wife that night) and wanted to take a few night time shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sad to say that after living in San Francisco for 5 years, this was one of the cliche things I hadn’t done yet…

As normal, I wasn’t the only one at the overlook on the north side of the bridge…nor was I the only photographer. After chatting with the different photographers that were there with me, I asked one fellow if he wouldn’t mind me taking his photo in front of the bridge. What I had in mind turned out near perfect. This ghostly image of a photographer behind his camera topped tripod in front of a classic scene. (it’s a bit more apparent if you click through on the image to see a larger version.)

As we have all heard at least once in our photographic careers, “mind your surroundings”. Usually this is in a negative or precautionary context. But it can also apply in a positive and creative way.

Don’t become so focused on your subject that you miss another subject right next to you.

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