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Tonight I needed some down time in front of the TV when I came across Travels to the Edge with Art Wolf on my local PBS digital station (KQED). And in the spirit of my previous post, this show fit my need for the night. Travels to the Edge is essentially a travel program hosted by Art Wolf and features him traveling an area while photographing it. As far as a hybrid program like this, I thought it was very well produced (the transition music was a bit over the top at times and took away from the mood some–subtle changes in volume guys–but it wasn’t overly produced).

The episode I caught tonight featured Art traveling in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine Park. What was nice was that he was providing background information about the location, about the animals and scenes he was shooting. But the kicker was that he was actually providing some photography advice as well. Such as when to use a ND Grad filter, getting low with your tripod, etc. It’s nice to see a photography travel program actually talk about the photography!

As a non-photographer, I would be lead to believe that it would be easy to capture similar images with my DSLR after watching this program. It would be nice to bring a bit more reality into the program like this, but that would go against the marketing goals of Canon as one of the show’s sponsors.

If you get a chance to see one of these episodes, I think it is worth the half hour of your time.

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  1. Glad you found his show. I’m looking forward to the next one that is set to air. At his creative sessions course he previewed a couple other episodes including the Arctic Refuge, Ethiopia Highlands and Madagascar episodes. It looks to be a great series.


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