Bits and Bites

It’s been a hectic week since my four day weekend at the Reno Air Races. Unfortunately, I only started going through the 2000+ photos from air races and don’t have any ready for posting yet. To complicate matters, I had to travel to the east coast right after the races. Talk about location shock. Two days after being at 5000+ feet elevation in the high desert of Reno, I was walking around in suburban Connecticut. From barren desert to lush wooded quasi-countryside. Such is life.

Meanwhile I came across a couple of interesting things this weekend while catching up with my feeds that I wanted to share:

  • Think you could build a box to hold a camera and survive a trip to 117,000 feet above the earth? How about surviving a fall from 117,000 feet? This is exactly what the SABLE-3 did back in August. (Thanks to Jim Goldstein for originally posting this!).
  • One of the challenges of travel photography is trying to capture new variations of popular places. David Baker recently posted a great image of the Florence Duomo & Campanile That I absolutely love. After spending a few days in Florence myself last year, I really appreciated David’s unique angle.

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