San Francisco Goes Dark

This Saturday, at 8pm PST, San Francisco will go dark. At least that is the hope of the folks behind Lights Out San Francisco. LOSF is hoping that San Francisco residents will all join in on this Saturday to turn out their lights for 1 hour and to change 1 light bulb in their house to a compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Tonight, I joined a group of photographers who are volunteering our time on Saturday to capture San Francisco going dark. There will be a number of us who will be taking pictures of various parts of the city both before and during the lights out period. These photos will then be made available to LOSF for publicity use.

So, if you live in San Francisco (or even know someone who does), consider joining in the effort by turning off your lights at 8pm on Saturday. You can find out more information at the LOSF website and blog.

So join in and help make the hour photographic! I’ll post pictures of the effect here on Sunday as well.

2 Replies to “San Francisco Goes Dark”

  1. I think they are using small steps at first. Last night was SF. In March they are trying to coordinate a Lights Out America. If your interested in getting involved, or helping to organize the event in your city, check out the website and contact the organizers.

    Not sure if we could photograph it from space (and see the difference), but every little bit helps.


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