A $3100 Print

Let me clarify, a $3100 11×14 print (granted, it’s framed and matted). Would you buy it? Would you buy it when you see it hanging on the wall of a hair dresser? From a photographer that you don’t know?

At first, I thought I was seeing things. I thought the prices was surely $310. No. My eyes didn’t deceive me.

I didn’t pay that much for an original Ansel Adams print! Why would I pay that much for a print from a photographer I have never heard of?

Yet, that is the price for a print (one of four) that are on display at the place I go to get my hair cut in San Francisco’s Financial District. I know there are a lot of people in the area with disposable (large disposable) income, but come on. Does this photographer really thing that he is going to sell these prints? I’m assuming that his intention is to sell some prints, else why go through the process of doing the work to print, frame, exhibit them if you are pricing them at such an extreme level? There wasn’t even a sign explaining who the photographer was or why the price was so high.

It just struck me as a bit too absurd….even for San Francisco.

2 Replies to “A $3100 Print”

  1. Assuming the photographer honestly values his work at that level, I’m surprised he would leave it hanging in a haircut place. I’m inclined to agree with you, he’s aiming at getting some surplus cash from well-salaried clients in the district.


  2. Can’t say I would spend that kind of cash – but I don’t have that type of disposable income either. I always wonder for those that price their work so high – how much do they actually sell??!


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