Heads of the Startup

Last week I did a set of head shots for a entrepreneur group here in the Bay Area called Agile Entrepreneurs. The group consists of a founders of startup companies that range from early stage to funded and functions as a peer advisory and support group for founders.

Here is a sample of some of the head shots:

The companies that each of these CEOs and Founders started form a diverse group of technology product companies:

  • Gleb Arshinov’s Pluron Inc. has built Acunote, an Agile project management tool for software developers.
  • Anthony de Kerf’s GlobalServ offers solutions for Remote Management Infrastructures of data centers and server farms.
  • Murali Krishna Devarakonda’s Crystal Ball Corporation created Ride Station, an on-demand trip-planning service for commuters and management tool for employers track commuter benefits.
  • Carlos Puchol founded Amahi, creator of the Amahi Home Server or “Home Digital Assistant”.

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