Too Much No More

Tonight I did something that I don’t do very often. I deleted a photographer’s RSS feed from my reader. The reason I did this was simple the fact that this specific photographer posts too frequently!

I know this photographer personally, but they shall remain nameless as I have nothing against them. However, when I would pull up their blog and find 20+ posts in one day, most of which are related photos or just a list of links, I started asking myself why? If there is never any really interesting thoughts being posted or just a flood of individual posts each with a single photos of the same subject then it’s not worth my limited time to try and read their posts. Thus, I make the decision to pull the plug all together and just remove the distraction from my view.

I think the lesson to be learned here for all photography bloggers, at least related to posting your work, is that too much is not better. I have nothing against the posting of recent work, that is the whole point of a photography blog. But when you post 20+ photos, each in their own posting, of your recent snow storm I have to ask what’s the value? Just to jack up your posting count? To increase your hit rates on the search indexes? As a reader I could care less about that, I want to see your best work in a way that lets me quickly view it and decide if it’s worth investing my limited time to see in in more detail. I want to hear the story behind the work, details on why you created it, how you created, your thoughts on the creation. If your not serving my need, your off the subscribe list.

Side Blur: I take this lesson to heart personally and strive to strike a balance between the need to share your work and the courtesy of being sensitive to a reader’s time. This is one of the drives behind my development of FocalPower and some of the capabilities we are building into the system…

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