Faked Photo Makes WSJ Front Page

In today’s WSJ front page is the article China Eats Crow Over Faked Photo of Rare Antelope that caught my attention over my morning coffee. It discusses a photo taken back in 2006 that shows a rare Tibetan antelope herd running beneath the raised rail tracks of the Qinghai-Xizang railway, the high speed railway that china built that ascends to the 16,000 foot high Tibetan plateau. The photo, which was declared in 2006 “a top 10 photo of the year” by China’s state-run television network (a “contents” that no official new agency has been able to get details regarding the entrance or judging process), has since be admitted to be faked by merging two photos together.

Most interesting is this analysis of the photo from the WSJ website (I sure would like a camera that could stop the motion of both a speeding train and running Antelope, heading in opposite directions, in overcast conditions so that both were sharply in focus!)

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