Another Sign of Changing Times

A friend of mine recently bought the new Canon Rebel XSi, his first digital SLR. The amazing thing was that he bought this camera 8 days ago and only broke the cellophane yesterday (he was afraid that if he did it earlier he wouldn’t get his taxes done in time). Only when he opened the box did he realize that the camera didn’t come with a memory card and he hadn’t bought any!

The real sign of the times was the fact that the only spare memory card my friend had was a 16 megabyte card that came with an old point and shoot digital camera. Since the XSi is 12 megapixel, he could only take one shot on this temporary memory card!

Remember the days when you could have at least taken 8 photos on a 16 meg card?

(After a half day of instructing him on the capabilities of his new camera, I’ll try to do a brief write up on the camera soon…)

4 Replies to “Another Sign of Changing Times”

  1. That is pretty funny! It could have been worse… he might not have had any fit. Amazing how quickly hard drives and CF memory capacities expand. I won’t date myself with other examples but the story about your friend definitely made me laugh.


  2. Jim: Yes, I don’t want to date myself either, but I have a few of those size CF cards lying around as well (some even smaller…)


  3. Mark: I know what you mean. I used to use them for taking files in for printing at my local costco, but now they are even too small for that. I’m just glad that the camera manufacturers stopped including the small cards with the cameras, it was such a waste.

    Maybe we need to start a new art movement using our old cards!


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