Exhaustion to Discovery: The Genius of Photography

15 hours after leaving home this morning, I’m exhausted from a long day. And I’m not home yet. Stopping in at a friends house to check in on their “original children” (their cats; they are at the hospital preparing to come home with their first born son) and take care of feeding and clean up duties, I finally take a break and turn on their TV. I’m flipping through their channels when I came across Ovation TV. There is a program on called The Genius of Photography.

It’s a series of documentaries explicitly about Photography, described as “An in-depth history of photography, and an exploration of what makes a truly great photograph.” I watched part of the episode Document for Artists and found it very educational from the fact that it reviewed historical photographers (some you know, some you don’t unless you truely studied international photography) and discusses what makes these photos historical to photography.

This is a topic that we don’t see very often in today’s go-go digital world. If you happen to get Ovation TV (which I unfortunately don’t) I would check out some of their Photography related shows. And check out their “Art or Not” on their homepage.

Update: While watching the next session of this documentary series I did a bit more digging online and it looks like this is BBC series. The BBC website for the series has more information about the episodes and includes photos and write ups about the photographers they discuss in each episode.

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