Quicker Lightroom Slideshow

One of the things that I don’t like about Lightroom is the fact that there is no way to do a really quick slideshow of the photos that you currently are looking at (based upon your filter). Specifically, there are times I want to review a set of photos with a client but don’t want to go into an automated slideshow. I want to control, or let them control, the flow of the photos. I have always found that there are too many options in the slideshow feature of Lightroom to do this quickly.

But, here is a way to accomplish this…and without having to leave the Develop or Library mode! Use your “L” key to turn “Lights Out”. Under the Window menu there is a feature called Lights Out. I never noticed this feature until I stumbled across it accidently last year. It nicely dims everything but the photo you are look at, pressing it twice cyles through to dark, and a third time brings it back to normal.

You can use Lights Out by itself when to turn your current work screen into a slide show. Or, you can quickly minimize Header, Panels, and Filmstrip to enlarge the photo even more. Now you have a large photo and full slideshow controls using your arrow keys. I have included a full screen movie of this in action below (going retro…it’s a silent film…).

I find this a very useful way to run a quick manually controlled slideshow. Hope you find it useful too!

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