Rockin’ Head Shots

A few days ago I was view the schedule for an upcoming conference that I’ll be attending. I was extremely underwhelmed by the head shots that the speakers had provided to the conference. I look around at the head shot photos of most companies and I have to admit that I’m usually underwhelmed…I’m surprised at home many companies don’t even place head shots for their executives on their websites.

A while back I had the privilege of taking some head shots for Vlad Kuznetsov, the CEO of rock and roll startup Musigy. Musigy has an online service that allows band members to play together in real-time over the internet, even if the band members are up to 3000 miles apart. At first, you would think that this isn’t that big of a deal. But when you take into account that even the smallest time delay in the audio/video needs to be compensated for so that you are playing the right note at the right time with the rest of the group, you start to appreciate the complexity of their solution.

Consider the nature of his business, I thought a the CEO deserved a head shot that was professional yet provided a bit more of a cutting edge; not quite full rock and roll, but something close. The head shots in this posting are samples of a few of the more non-conventional images that I took. I especially like this one with the blown out background. I achieve this by positioning myself below the subject (who was standing on a bridge) and shooting the sun directly behind the subject. I really like the glowing effect that was created.

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