Ruby Hill Winery Shoot

Recently, I had the joy of shooting an event setup at the Ruby Hill Winery in Livermore, CA. Micheal Daigian Designs, a San Francisco floral designer, had a corporate party that they were providing flowers for and need their floral designs photographed for future marketing use. It’s quite impressive seeing the behind the scense setup for an event or wedding. Watching an empty space being transformed before your eyes through the work of so many different groups of people.

The Ruby Hill Winery is an impressive location with two large rooms for events, a massive two story tall entrance area, and a wonderful garden. For this event, Micahel Daigian and his staff needed to create floral designs for each of the dinner tables, the stage, lounge tents set up in the garden, and numerous other spots through out the event. A 24 foot long truck full of flowers, four floral designers and about 4 hours of setup were involved in creating the mood for the event. The team is pictured below in front of the 10 foot tall design that was created for the entrance area (featured are: Steve, Jennifer, Jana, and Michael).

One of the thins that you have to keep in mind when shooting an event setup like this, is to try and capture any corporate logos win the photos that may be on display at the event. This becomes a subtle marketing message for the client. As other potential clients of Michael Daigian’s are viewing this work in the future, they will see the logos of other clients he has doen work for; it becomes a silent referral for him and something that a professional photographer will keep an eye out for.

Below is a small sample of some of the images from this event (click on an image to view a larger version):

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