Solo Photo Book Month Wraps Up

A few months back, Paul Butzi suggested a wonderful project, Solo Photo Book Month (SoFoBoMo). The rules were simple, you had one month to take photos, edit your photos down to 35, and then self publish them as a book. The goal was to use the project to drive yourself to publish a photo book. Well, the “month” started on April 1st and ends on May 15th (you could choose any thirty days in that window as your month).

Back when this was announced by Paul, I had serious thoughts in signing up. But after some introspection, I realized that the first part of the year was going to be pretty hectic for all my current commitments as well as my job search. So, I held off until next year. But, those who didn’t have created some amazing work. The projects are rolling in (25 as of this writing) and include some amazing work.

I have only had time to glanced a few of them so far, but was completely captivated by Bernie Sumption’s eyes.

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