2008 Q2 Links of Thanks

Wow, July is mostly past and I haven’t had a chance to put up my quarterly links of thanks. With my trip to Wisconsin and Chicago at the start of the month and then playing catchup on so many fronts upon my return (one of the joys of going on vacation) this got pushed back a bit.

Now that I have been doing this for a few quarters, it’s interesting to see changes in the top referring sites. Some sites that I haven’t used in a while, like Photo.net still appear in the top 20. I also started using Twitter in the last quarter and was surprised at how high it appeared in the rankings right away (mostly thanks to the great tool TwitterFeed). I also started using FriendFeed at the same time; it’s interesting how more people tended to click through on my photos on FriendFeed than on my blog postings.

(Rankings from last quarter, if any, appear in parentheses after each site.)

latoga’s Motion Blur Referring Sites

  1. photographyvoter.com (1)
  2. blogger.com (3)
  3. images.google.com
  4. yyapp.com (4)
  5. jmg-galleries.com (2)
  6. twitter.com
  7. google.com
  8. grafphoto.com (8)
  9. latoga.com (6)
  10. laughingsquid.com
  11. blog.focalpower.com (18)
  12. rwongphoto.com
  13. technorati.com (10)
  14. neil.creek.name (12)
  15. stoneangelarts.blogspot.com (11)
  16. georgebarr.blogspot.com
  17. macroartinnature.blogspot.com (13)
  18. recapturephoto.com
  19. thomashawk.com (17)
  20. digg.com (7)

latoga Photography Referring Sites

  1. latogaphoto.blogspot.com (1)
  2. smugmug.com (2)
  3. wetpp.org (7)
  4. twitter.com
  5. linkedin.com (6)
  6. friendfeed.com
  7. raoulpop.com (5)
  8. grafphoto.com (15)
  9. photo.meetup.com (3)
  10. aliciadickersonstore.com
  11. community.shoottheday.com
  12. digitalgrin.com
  13. facebook.com
  14. forum.focalpower.com
  15. gallery.primarycolors.com
  16. georgebarr.blogspot.com (13)
  17. laughingsquid.com (4)
  18. neil.creek.name
  19. photo.net (20)
  20. photos.camerongary.com

Note: These stats were collected by Google Analytics for my two sites. Any referral sites that are obvious web based email services or IP addresses were removed.

2 Replies to “2008 Q2 Links of Thanks”

  1. Richard,

    Referring Sites are sites that sent traffic to your site; either by posting a link or (if a blog) by someone following a comment you left with your blog address linked.

    This is just my way of saying thanks every quarter to those top sites that sent me traffic (by giving them a link back).


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