New Photo Resources Page Launched

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Lake Tahoe area for the weekend.  Unfortunately, it’s not all photography time. I’m helping my wife out with a wedding she is designing flowers for up in the Tahoe area.  But, I am planning on have some time to explore the nature of Lake Tahoe and see how the Fall colors are developing.  For the past few weeks, I have had this sense that fall was in the air.  Could it be because fall is a bit early this year with the drought that California has been having?  Or maybe it’s my sub-conscious realizing that the entire summer has flown by and if I’m not careful the fall could too?

Either way, I started doing some checking with local photographers I know up in Tahoe as well as looking in on a number of location report websites that I know of.  Trying to find out if the fall colors are starting to show and where. This got me to realize that I keep telling other photographers about these resource year after year.  So I started a new page on the site tonight, photo Resources. (you can find it up in the menu bar)

Right now, this is a centralized public listing of all the resources that I have living in my browser bookmarks.  Over time I’ll add more and see what this area of the site evolves into.  If you have some favorite resources of your own, let me know and I may add them to the list.

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