UK is Photographing the Watchers

Photo by qwghim

Photo by qwghim

Early last year I commented on some notion running around the United Kingdom that photographers would need to carry ID cards.  With the U.K. being one of the most CCTV happy countries out there, most of my British friends are very comfortable with being photographed in public and didn’t think much of a silly rule like ID cards.

Yesterday I ran across an interesting project being coordinated by the Open Rights Group to document the UK’s surveillance society.  They have an open call out to UK’s photographers to take pictures of all the mechanisms of the surveillance state.  Photo are to be submitted to the FNFBigPicture Flickr Group and will be used on October 11th to:

make a live collage of the images you’ve taken in a prominent location in London (to be confirmed), to celebrate Freedom Not Fear Day 2008.

Freedom not Fear is an international day of action for democracy, free speech, human rights and civil liberties, and events to celebrate these central tenets of a just society will be taking place all over the world.

There are already a good number of photos on the Flickr Group that are both humours and concerning.

Photo by BinaryApe

Photo by BinaryApe

Is the above what Canon was talking about in their 5D MII press release?

Canon has equipped the EOS 5D Mark II with two Silent Shooting modes in Live View which will prove particularly helpful to law enforcement officials…

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