Photo: Pier 1 Alternatives

I spotted this image while out on my photowalk of San Francisco last week. As soon as I saw the flag illuminated at the end of Pier 1, I had this image pop into my head. Occasionally, as you work on processing the image, variations can evolve out of the original. Each one can carry it’s own set of strengths and stand on it’s own. Sometimes, when this happens, you can’t play favorites with your children but allow them both to have a chance in the world.

Flip between these two alternatives by clicking on the image above and viewing it in the lightbox. Which one speaks loudest to you and why?

2 Replies to “Photo: Pier 1 Alternatives”

  1. I prefer the full color one. Maybe it’s the lighting in the room or maybe I’m tired but to me it seems more difficult to figure out what I’m looking at (except for the flag) in the selective color one.

    I do, however, like some of the other selective color photos you’ve posted. Is that a technique that you can use in Lightroom or is it a Photoshop thing?


  2. @ djensen:

    Thanks for the feedback! I did this in Lightroom. You can get selective color by playing around with the saturation sliders in the “HSL/Color/Grayscale control when you are in Develop mode. Pulling saturation down to -100 removes that color from your photo. Play around with the different color’s to get the effect you’re looking for. Of course, you can do this with much more control using layer masks and the same technique in Photoshop…all has to do with what you want to be “in color”.


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