Lens Rentals and Holiday Play Time

Wow, Christmas is just about here (T-Minus 4 days…).  I’m not quite sure where the month of December has gone or the entire last half of 2008, but don’t worry this isn’t a thinking back on the year post…that’ll come a bit later.

On a last minute, spur of the moment decision I decided to rent a new lens for use over the Holidays.  So yesterday I picked up the Canon 16-35mm EF L II.  For those who are close to the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a great lens and camera rental outfit in San Mateo, CA called BorrowLenses.com.  I have rented lenses from them a number of times over the past few months and love their service.  You can rent a lens from them and have it shipped to you (they’ll ship anywhere in the 50 United States for overnight or 2 day delivery) or if your lucky enough to live in the Bay Area you can pick it up at their location.  Here is a holiday cost savings tip for you.  If you rent something from them before the end of the year for 1-4 weeks, use the promotion code FREEWEEK and get just that, a free additional week of rental time.  (Hint Hint: If you choose the right rental duration and time your rental right, you can even get it a bit long if the return date is on a day they are closed…)

Anyway, I’m jazzed about the possibilities that this lens will give me over the Holidays.  Even thought I’m shooting on partial frame sensor (20D), 8 more mm of view is huge!  You don’t realize it until you look through the view finder and compare 16mm with 24mm (the widest L Series lens I own).  I then tortured myself even more by popping the lens on my old film camera…ohhh, how much more options I would have with a full frame sensor.  Just one more justification for my 5D Mark II upgrade…someday. 😉

Look for some posts soon with the new lens.

And for the record, yes, the Mark II version of this lens auto focuses very fast.  Without ever having shot with the first version, I find this lens working very well for auto focusing in low light.

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