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2/11/09 Update: The date for participation in this project has been moved out to the end of February.

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Over a year ago I wrote a review for Ted Orland’s book The View from the Studio Door.  Ted’s book is best described by it’s subtitle: How Artists Find Their Way In An Uncertain World. Ted’s insights on the  broader issues that stand to either side of that artistic moment of truth have stuck with me over the past year.

But, the book’s title has always led me to wonder…what is the view from other photographer’s studios?  How does this view impact their work and photographic vision?

What better way to find out than to turn that question into a blog project.

Here are the simple rules…actually, their more like guidelines:

  • Take a picture or set of pictures describing “the view from your studio”.  Heck, if you have one of those snazzy new DSLRs that shoot video go ahead and fire up the video mode if you want!
  • Interpret view and studio as you see fit
  • Before Midnight PST on February 13th, 2009:
    • Post your photos and additional details about how your view has impacted your work on your blog; link back to this post so a pingback is seen in the comments.
    • If you don’t have a blog, post your photos where ever you post your photos and send me a comment with the Subject of “Blog Project Studio View”.  Include your name, the URL for your photos, and the same details as above.
  • I will then post a list of all project participants on February 15th, 2009

Share with the rest of us what the view from your studio is and give us all a glimpse into how this has impacted you and your work.  You’ve got about two weeks.  And the deadline shouldn’t get me or you into any trouble with your spouse or significant other as you need to be done before Valentine’s Day!

(feel free to spread the word about this project in your social medium of choice…)

7 Replies to “Blog Project: View from Your Studio”

  1. “intro-duck-tion” shows a one-minute forty-eight second stop-motion glimpse into my Brooklyn photo studio. The footage was shot entirely with digital still cameras and the music was made exclusively with vocals. I made it partly to give some DIY insight into my photography and thought it might be suitable for your excellent blog.


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