It Is Toast

Toasted, Burnt, Dead…that is the current state of my ReadyNAS NV+.

For the past few days, I have had some contractors in doing some electrical work. The last day they were here they removed a light switch from my office, I started smelling a slight burning scent. I thought it was from one of the hot wires in the light switch, dust or something burning off the wire. This morning I found out it wasn’t coming from the light switch but from my NAS, the power supply just fried itself.

The good news, is that all my data is safe (and I even had recent backups!). After a quick call to technical support (which I must add was very pleasant: didn’t wait on hold for longer than 30 seconds; talked to a knowledgeable engineer; and received prompt service) I have a new power supply being shipped to me. A bit annoying is that apparently my unit has a serial number in the range of systems that had known problematic power supplies. Would have been nice to take proactive steps to let me know that and fix it before it becomes a production outage! (But it’s a consumer product, so I can’t expect too much).

The bad news, is that I was planning on doing a good amount of work this weekend which required access to the data on the NAS. Worse yet is I was hoping to work on some photos during my cross country flight on Monday, but I hadn’t copied them from the NAS to my laptop yet. So much for productivity! 🙂

I contemplated going out and buying a diskless ReadyNAS Pro (been on my upgrade list as it will boost my performance with faster data access) and just throwing my drives in it to get back to production…but can’t find any local retail outlets that carry them in stock.  Oh well, back to my painting projects around the house…

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  1. Hey Greg, you won’t believe this, but my ReadyNAS just started giving off a burning scent! Cleaned out some dust in it, and restarting it now – going through a file system check and will back it up completely once booted. But I think I will call them to see what’s up here.


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