Napa Mustard in Bloom

Yesterday’s trip to Napa Valley was a much needed chance to get out of the house and capture some photographs.  I’m glad that my friend Bruce was able to get a hall pass from the Mrs. to join me (and I’m glad I got to try out his Rebel XSi…one of my favorite shots from the day, the photo to the right, was taken with his camera).  The photos above are a few of those captured from yesterday’s trip.  (remember, prints are available in the portfolio… 🙂 ) While the day was mostly overcast, our patience paid off just after noon when the sun broke out a bit brighter. Perfect timing too as we were up on the ridge overlooking the valley; unfortunately the sun was just not quite bright enough for decent photos from our vantage point. Regardless, it was a great day out.

One of the things that allowed me to finally get out yesterday and photograph was the completion of a rather monumental task…the rebuilding of my Lightroom catalog. I completed the last batch of imports from my NAS on Friday night and now have all my photography negatives for the past five years in Lightroom. This has been the reason for the lags in posting over the past few months (one of my new year resolutions was to rebuild the catalog…). Now that this task is complete, I’m planning on releasing many photos from their photo purgatory.

One of the side benefits of this task is having some interesting insight into my photography. By filtering all the photos by those with at least one star or more, I can tell my ratio of photos taken to photos that I felt were worthy of processing and publishing. On the surface it looks like 10%; which puts me in the majority based on the poll currently running at EpicEdits. (I remember TWIP running a similar poll last year, but I couldn’t find it on their site…).

But, remember that old saying: “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” That surface ratio doesn’t take into consideration the numerous times when I’m photographing without a tripod and I burst shoot to increase the chances of have one photo with less blur. My typical burst shooting results in 3-4 photos (all of which usually get kept). If I take a conservative approach of saying 20% of my photos are duplications due to burst shooting, my ration jumps closer to 14%. I expect this number to increase in the near future as I go through all my photographs again looking for diamonds in the rough and additional stock images.

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