Recession Based Sales Strategies: Peer Referrals

Tonight I heard about a very interesting sales strategy that a photographer is using: peer referrals.  What makes this so interesting is that the photographer focuses on high school portraits and apparently does very little outbound marketing.  Rather, this photographer got creative in ways they could get new clients.  They apparently used their existing network to find a graduating senior in each of the local high schools and then turned that senior into a sales person.  For each classmate that the senior refers to the photographer for senior portraits, the referrer gets a fee that can be deducted from their own senior portrait session.

This is quite a creative use for the viral marketing and customer referrals to inexpensively drive additional revenue to your photography business.

Who are your customers?  Do they interact with other potential customers of yours?  How can you get existing customers to actively refer new customers to you?

A simple idea that has been in wide spread use for years on web services sites and in use for years before that in various businesses.

How could you use this for your business?

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