Photo: Picture Perfect View

Picture Perfect View of Newark Slough

Picture Perfect View of Newark Slough

This is a new favorite that was taken from the picnic shelter at the Newark Slough.  There is a small picnic shelter at the slough with the above open window and view. The particular post processing used with the above image is the happy accident that can happen thanks to the presents in Adobe Lightroom.  When a particular photo feels like there is something different that could be done with it, I’ll just expand my collection of Lightroom presets and mouse over them to see if anything catches my eye.  With this photo, one particular preset jumped out at me.  With a bit of additional tweaking the above image was born.

So don’t be afraid to explore and wander during the processing of your images.  Something new and exciting might emerge!  Worst case, it keeps you from getting stuck in the same old rut. 🙂

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