Photo: Blue Angels Over San Francisco

Blue Angels over San Francisco

Blue Angels over San Francisco

This weekend is Fleet Week here in San Francisco, which means the Blue Angels are in town.  The above photograph was taken in 2005 during Fleet week.  If you’re in the Bay Area, check out the Fleet Week schedule, the Blue Angles will be flying around 3-4pm.  A few great places to photograph the Blue Angels from are:

  • Golden Gate Bridge, South Tower: The Angels use this tower to line up for their runs…
  • The Presidio’s Inspiration Point
  • The Park and Hills of Fort Mason
  • The Spit at Aquatic Park

Just remember to get to your photography spot of choice early as the crowds always build and and it is difficult sometimes ot photograph over people.  Zoom lenses tend to work better for photographing the Angels.  And having your camera set to burst shooting mode will help you capture the action (just bring a large memory card).

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