Yosemite Sunset Fire Storm

Yosemite Sunset Fire Storm

Yosemite Sunset Fire Storm

Last night, on the drive back from the Eastern Sierras via Highway 120 through Yosemite, my wife and I witnessed one of the most spectacular sunsets.  A low elevation storm front that was approaching Yosemite was back lite by the setting sun dipping below a higher bank of clouds.  This resulted in what we have best described as the Sunset Fire Storm you see above.

We were very fortunate to witness this special show of mother natures.  It started just before we drove past a view point on the highway where we had an largely uninterrupted view.  Had we been a few minutes faster or a few minutes slower, we would have largely missed the show as that particular view point is the only place along this section of highway that isn’t under the canopy of pine trees.  I take back all the things I said about those two deer and the 8 point buck that crossed the road in front of use earlier and slowed down our drive…they could have been the left hand of mother nature guiding us to the right point in time to see what the right hand was cooking up!

Click through on the above photo to view a larger version and the full Yosemite portfolio.  I’ll work on posting a larger set of these Sunset Fire Storm images through the week.

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