Photo: Today’s Snowfall on Mount Diablo

A rare set of weather conditions today resulted in a winter snowfall in the San Francisco Bay Area at elevations as low as 500-800 feet. Records were set with the most and lowest snowfall around the Bay Area in 25 years and meant we were all greeted with snow cover hills around the Bay Area (once the clouds cleared). I happened to be passing Walnut Creek this evening and was able to capture a few photos of snow capped Mount Diablo. For those familiar with the area, the amazing thing was snow on the hills to the west of I680 and downtown Walnut Creek as well. Unfortunately, from my vantage point, I couldn’t photograph those hills as it would have been shooting into the sunset and you would have just seen black…not white. With the low temperatures we are having today, there is a good chance that snow will still be there tomorrow as well.

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