Soft Launches, SoFoBoMo Project & Discounts

Over the past many months I have been working on a rebuild of the latoga photography online infrastructure and website.  It has been a prioritization struggle against other major projects and commitments. Finally, a few months ago I quietly did a soft launch of the new blog theme that you see here.  I also did the soft launch of the new latoga photography archive which will eventually contain all my published photos.  The archive is fully search-able and allows you to purchase Art Prints of any photo as well as license any photo for stock usage.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new look and feel.  Take a few moments to browse and search the archive and let me know your favorite photos.  And please share any other adjustments you think that will make the archive easier to use.

It’s amazing, as well as frustrating, how time consuming it can be building out an integrated website and blog that looks and works just the way you want.  It’s an evolutionary process, so there will be additional tweaks and adjustments over time.  The Archive will also continue to grow  with new photos and have slight organization shifts as I work through my backlog of unpublished work over the coming months.  So remember the search feature to help you find anything specific.

My SoFoBoMo Project

This year I have decided to participate in SoFoBoMo, the Solo Photo Book Month in which you photograph, design, layout, and publish a PDF book in 31 days.  I have followed SoFoBoMo since it’s inception over the past two years.  This year I’ll be working on a photo project call Reflecting on Bodie and publishing it as a book.  This is a photo project that has been rattling around in my head for the past five years and I’m excited to finally make it a reality and publish it as a book.

I have a vision of publishing a Fine Art Folio (or two) out of this project as well.  I’ll have to evaluate that idea once the book is published.

20% Discounts on All Work

During the Month of June, I’m running a special promotion at latoga photography to celebrate the public soft launch of the new site and archive.  Anything within the Archive, Art Prints or Stock Licensing is available at 20% off!

The Catch…you need to use a certain coupon code at check time.   I’ll be publishing that code regularly via Twitter.  I’ll also be tweeting when new portfolios of photos have been added to the archive. So follow my feed on Twitter to get the code then browse through the archive and pick up a copy of your favorite photo.  And please help spread the word on the promotion!

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