Not Making the Cut

Faux Wood Grain Door Knob

Faux Wood Grain Door Knob

It’s been almost a month since I finished my SoFoBoMo 2010 book Reflecting on Bodie (free PDF download available at that link).  I finished and published the PDF and then got pulled into a bunch of other directions with preparing for Baby Mini-G and working on client projects.  I’m now in the process of finalizing the printed version of the book, stay tuned for more on that shortly.

The above photo is from the front door of the McDonald House in Bodie.  It had this wonderful faux wood door knob.  While the grain in the door knob is quite amazing, this photo didn’t make the cut for the book due to the fact that the reflection in the door knob was not showing anything of interest.  But I still love this image and wanted to share with everyone.

2 Replies to “Not Making the Cut”

  1. Nice shot Greg. Maybe if your book had a few sequences where there are a collage of detail type of photos that don’t warrant a full-page then this would be a perfect candidate. They do that in some photo books. California 24/7 comes to mind.


    latoga Reply:

    @Richard Wong, Thanks! I tried to figure out a way I could use some small photos in the my book but just didn’t seem to fit right. It’s inevitable that some photos from any project won’t make the final cut…


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