Umbrella of Aspen Leaves

Umbrella of Aspen Leaves

Umbrella of Aspen Leaves

What I have always loved about this photo is the different feeling it gives you for the Quaking Aspen. From a photographic perspective, it’s hard to capture really compelling photos during the middle of autumn day’s with clear skys. The light tends to be a bit too harsh with all the bright colors it is bouncing off of. But, by walking into a grove of Aspen and shooting up, I was able to obtain that unique sparkling that Aspen present in that same bright sun.

This is the second Eastern Sierra photo that the Corporate Client of mine has hanging in their Colorado office. They were even nice enough to provide me a mock up of the location where they were planning on hanging it.  Both of these photos were custom printed at 45″ x 68″ on canvas to fit their display needs.

Prints of this image can be purchased from my Eastern Sierra Landscape gallery. If you see any of my photos that you would like in a size or format that isn’t available on my website, please contact me. I’m always happy to do special orders to meet your needs!

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