Sunday Morning Short: New Father Syndrom

This is a bit of a non traditional Sunday Morning Short, a self-documentary video that is a reminiscence of fatherhood after one year.

New Father Syndrom from latoga photo on Vimeo.

This weekend was Matthew’s first birthday.  So there was a lot of thinking about the past year.  It’s amazing how little time you have after work; keeping him fed, changed, and out of trouble; dealing with the other necessities of daily life; and trying to spend some time with your spouse.

I had the idea for this video after the first month with Matthew.  I filmed the video segments last year in October and used the holiday weekend to finally get around to producing the video.  (So that makes this a special Monday Morning Sunday Morning Short 🙂 ). I have to apologize for the slight audio hum, I didn’t realize how much interference the baby monitor created with my microphone and I did my best to remove it in production…but I couldn’t get rid of it entirely.

As I sit back and think about how little photography I’ve been able to get done over the past year, I’d love to know any tricks or secrets that other photographers learned once they had kids…please share in the comments.

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