Another Way to Measure a Year

As I mentioned in My Favorite Photos of 2011 post, the year was a slow one on my traditional photographic fronts of landscape, travel, and stock photography as well as with publishing of photos.  All due to a new photographic front for me, child portraiture.  I purposely put the camera done as much as possible to focus not missing the first year with Matthew.

I did want to share another view of (most of) 2011, below is a collection of photos that I put together showing Matthew (or MG) from 1 day old (upper right) to 1 year old (lower left) in roughly 1 month intervals.

Matthew Greg Lato - Birth to 1 Year Old

As luck would have it, tonight my wife found the stocking cap that Matthew came home from the hospital in (featured in 1 day old photo)…wow, hard to believe that ever fit his current big head!

Amazingly, a good half of the photos above (and of all the photos I took of him) were taken on the iPhone. Not sure if that makes me a bad photographer parent or not; since you trade accessibility of the iPhone for the quality and control of the big glass.

So two photographic New Year’s resolutions for me:

  1. Focus on taking picture more regularly. There are some big gaps in time between these images as the rest of life got in the way of photography.
  2. Focus on hiring another photographer for family portraits. It’s too darn hard to try and be on both sides of the camera at the same time when dealing with children; not worth the risk!  🙂
I’m going to try to get back on a better schedule with my traditional subject matter as well. At least for the first half of 2012…before Matthew’s baby sibling sister arrives in May!

2 Replies to “Another Way to Measure a Year”

  1. Awesome idea!! I am stealing this idea when (if) I ever have a little bundle of joy. Really nice work!


    latoga Reply:

    @Adam Allegro, thanks for visiting. Feel free to use this idea when/if. Few other bits of advice for parent-photographers: take pictures as often as possible; take formal portraits at least monthly; organize all the above daily. Some of those I’ve done, some I haven’t. 😉


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