Afternoon Architecture Abstract (15 of 366)

Afternoon Architecture Abstract

2016 Photo a Day, 15 of 366: Afternoon Architecture Abstract

A flash of sunlight in my eye caught my attention and looking up I saw this abstract.  And luckily this photo didn’t break my camera!  Long time readers of the blog will recognize that as homage to the photo that broke my tripod.

Heading between meetings in downtown San Francisco, I was trying to get my camera out of my Everyday Messenger Bag while juggling a few things that were on top of my camera and my Sony A6000 ended up kissing the sidewalk from waist height! After recovering the battery and lens cap, a quick power test and everything seemed fine. Once I got back to the office, I tried to find where the camera landed (it obviously didn’t land on the lens) and I couldn’t tell!  There was literally no noticeable damage to the camera body. Not the ideal way to test a camera’s durable design…but I’m glad to report the Sony passed with flying colors! And once I got back home I immediately reinstalled my Capture Pro. 

Despite this single slippery fingers moment, the Everyday Messenger Bag does truly live up to the hype…best Kickstarter project I’ve backed to date!  A deeper review is eventually on its way. 

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