Instilling The Next Generation (19 of 366)

Passing on Nordic Skiing to Next Generation

2016 Photo a Day, 19 of 366: Passing on Nordic Skiing to Next Generation

Two preschoolers (3.5 year old and a 5 year old, latter picture above) on cross country skis for the first time, instilling your love of cross country skiing into the younger generation so that you’ll have a future tradition of winter family outings…patience.

Kids Preparing for First Cross-Country Skiing Lesson

Kids Preparing for First Cross-Country Skiing Lesson

Sister laster about a quarter mile.  Big brother ended mastering the getting back up technique and ended the day doing 2.5 miles with Dad…the slowest 2.5 miles Dad has ever skied.  But a great family day trip to the mountains.  The seed has been planted!

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