Super Bowl 50 Preparations (12 of 366)

Super Bowl 50 Preparations at Levis' Stadium in Santa Clara, California

Super Bowl 50 Preparations at Levis’ Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Full disclosure, this is a drive by snapshot of the Super Bowl preparations that are happening right now at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara (hence the chain link fence), so the composition is not ideal.  For those who have more devout Sunday dedications (or those who think football is a sport played with a round ball), Levi’s Stadium is the brand new home to the San Francisco 49ers NFL football team and is where Super Bowl 50 will be played in a few short weeks. That white tent on the right and the frame for the future white tent on the left were not there a week ago! The amount of Super Bowl preparation work that is going on right now around Levi’s Stadium is crazy…tents, portable buildings, broadcast facilities rolling in on trucks, and every utility you can think of performing every test and upgrade possible to ensure a flawless event (that last one was the most surprising to me, thought in retrospect it shouldn’t be).

A bit of a  break from the usual, but I saw this today and wanted to share it with everyone, especially since the Super Bowl will mark an important milestone for this project.  Unfortunately rush hour traffic behind me didn’t allow for more time and a better composition.

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