Davenport Sunset (82 of 366)

Sunset at Davenport Beach

2016 Photo a Day, 82 of 366: More Sunset at Davenport Beach

More Davenport Beach…I honestly had to go back and look to recall that there was another Davenport Sunset photo that I posted earlier in the project as well as another variation from my Favorites of 2012.  Yes, these were all taken at the same time over four years ago.  Ah the joys of the changing light at sunrise and sunset.  And that is the entrance to the Davenport Crack seen in the lower left to center of the photo.  Most photos of the crack are taken from further up (camera left) and show the crack meandering toward the sunset.

On a side note, I’m currently distracted with crumbling infrastructure…seems like one of those times when multiple bricks from your infrastructure foundation all crumbled at the same time.  The latest brick to crumble is dealing with a dead NAS.  Granted, my NAS is at least 8 years old…and this is the second power supply that failed on it. But it’s a distraction and unplanned, even if way overdue, expense to deal with.  (I’ve got power restored temporarily and at 23% of a filesystem check as I type this).  So, time to upgrade some infrastructure and from what my initial research is telling me is that Synology seems to be a decent choice in the NAS space now.  If you have a personal recommendation in this area, I’d love to hear it…thought I need to push the buy button in the next day or two.

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  1. Sorry to hear about thr NAS failure. I bought the Synology last year and have 12TB in it. Working fine so far though I cant claim to be an expert in this. Chuq Von Rospach has some good posts about it.


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