Our Little April Fool (88 of 366)


2016 Photo a Day, 88 of 366: CR Being Silly in the Car

Trying to be topical today…what better way than to share a portrait of my Daughter, our little silly year round April Fool.  CR is usually in a good happy mood (unless she’s not, there is only two notches on the dial) and acting silly.  I’m sure years from now when my daughter finds this on line she’ll be like “Daaadd…”.  (Honestly, this won’t be worse then everything else we all have posted of our kids on Facebook.)  This was from yesterday when she was being silly in the car and I caught this quick iPhone reflection portrait (her hair is all messy from jumping around the front seat).


CR 3 Years Ago (10 Months Old)

And then today good old Facebook reminds me of this photo from 3 years ago exactly!  Back in the good old days when she was still sleeping in the crib an all she needed was her bottle to go to sleep.  Empty bottle + butt up in the air = full something else…  🙂  Actually, it was about a week later that that all ended…I was doing taxes and put her to bed — usual routine of kiss, bottle, lay her down, and walk out — then walked to the office only to find her standing in the doorway about two minutes later.  I took her back to her crib and I watched her flip her legs over the railing and drop her self down, turn and look at me like “yeah, what?”.  Two weeks later we moved her into her brother’s room and a big girl bed since she wouldn’t stay in her crib any more.

And when browsing thru the family archive, I came across this little gem. The big realization of how fast she has grown up…even though she’s almost four she usually get’s mistaken for a five or six year old!




And thus ends this little April Fool’s trip down memory lane. And I’m off for movie night with the Mrs. to finally watch the new Star Wars movie now that it’s available on iTunes…yes, that is what happens when you have two small kids…5 months go by before you know it!

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