Sunday Morning Short: Bodie Time Lapse

As part of my Reflecting on Bodie book project, I created the following time lapse of the Bodie Historic Park. (See the entire Sunday Morning Short collection) This footage was originally captured during my weekend at Bodie capturing the still photography for the book.  I find it gives an interesting view of the popularity and size of …

Bodie Two Face

This is one of my favorite images from my Reflecting on Bodie book project.  While having a dividing element running right through your photo can be distracting, in this case I think it adds to the abstract nature of this photo.  In this photo I was able to capture four different glimpses of Bodie thanks …

Campana House

Sunrise illuminates Main Street of Bodie as seen reflected in the window of the Campana House.  One of the photos from my book Reflecting on Bodie.

Weekend at Bodie to Start SoFoBoMo

If you’ve been following my tweets, you’ll know that I spent this past weekend in the Eastern Sierras, primarily at Bodie State Historic Park.  What a great weekend to be out there!  The weather was in the upper 60’s to low 70’s, the wild flowers were blooming, and it was just nice to get away …

Photo: Bodie Gas Station & Rainbow

While working on photos for a project I have been trying to get around to, found a few rainbow photos from my last trip to this location…can’t quite tell if there is the hint of a double rainbow or not. More on the project in the near future.