Bodie Two Face

Bay Window of Burkham House

Bay Window of Burkham House

This is one of my favorite images from my Reflecting on Bodie book project.  While having a dividing element running right through your photo can be distracting, in this case I think it adds to the abstract nature of this photo.  In this photo I was able to capture four different glimpses of Bodie thanks to this box window that jutted out form the corner of the Burkham House.

The left side of the window reflects the view up along the side of the house. The right center image reflects additional buildings from Bodie located down the hill from the Burkham House. The far right shows you a bit of the front porch of the house.  And of course if you look through the window you see the haunting decayed interior of the house.

This is the multi-faceted nature of Bodie that I was able to capture in the images contained in this book.  I’ve been working on making a printed version of the book available through Blurb and I’m just waiting on my proof copy to arrive before accepting book orders.  If you’re interested in a printed version of Reflecting on Bodie, please drop me a note and I’ll make sure to alert you directly once it’s available.

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