Driven Right Off an Advertisement….

So I never thought that my cell phone camera would really be useful. But there I was, doing some errands this afternoon when I saw something that made me wish I had my camera. It’s one of those moments where you say to yourself “they will never believe me when I tell them this”.

I’m pulling into the parking lot of In-N-Out, and there making a turn in front of me is a Porsche pulling a Airstream camper trailer! As I saw them pulling into a parking spot I wished I had my camera with me…then I remember my handy Treo 650’s camera. I did a quick circle of the parking lot and snapped a drive by…

Ok, ok…granted a Porsche Cayenne is technically a SUV. But come on! Have you ever even seen one of these actually haul something? I might expect to see a picture of this on the advertising brochure for a Cayenne at the Porsche dealer–of course with a background of a scenic mountain view. However, I couldn’t even find any photos of this on the Porsche website. I never thought I would actually see this in real life.

I don’t intend to insult any Cayenne owners out there, but I just felt this was a significant enough moment to share with the world.

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