Photographer Rights

There has been an interesting incident of a photographer getting arrested in Miami for photographing some police. Thomas Hawk has been following the event very closely. Here are direct links to Thomas’ posts in order:

  1. Dirty Cops Belong in Jail
  2. Carlos Miller Arrested for the Crime of Photography
  3. The “Other Side” of the Carlos Miller Arrest Story
  4. Another Update on the Carlos Miller Arrest Story

I’m linking to all these articles because I think this is a very important story for all photographers (Huge thanks to Thomas for all his work in tracking and keeping us all updated on this evolving story). There are a lot of sides to the moral behind this whole story and Thomas has a bunch of great links within these entries that I think every photographer should look through (warning: it might take you and half hour to follow all the discussions and past incidents…time well spent in my mind as it really gets you to think about the issues behind this).

Take the time and explore this story. Personally, I agree with Thomas whole-heartedly. What are your thoughts?

3 Replies to “Photographer Rights”

  1. You would think we would reach the point where we would not even have to debate this issue. That the cops would never have to question the right of a photographer to take their photo in public.

    But unfortunately, Carlos Miller becomes just another victim in a long line of victims who got punished for exercising their First Amendment rights.

    May he prevail in court. And may the entire Miami police force learn a huge lesson from all this.

    But we know that won’t happen.


  2. I have been reading about this for sometime now. And also been testing the waters. Best Buy tried to kick me out for filming and then told the police to arrest me, but the SF Police Sergent knew the same laws I knew. I have the same rights Best Buy when it comes to filming.


  3. How is this photo Illegal ..? and did Smith Co. Sheriff’s arrest you for taking it..? I was arrested for taking a photo of Smith co Low-Risk Jail when I knew that it was just as public as Smith Co Courthouse and stated as such ..on Ed June 6th 2007 by Lt Lile and Red necked racist runts R.H.Smith of the Smith Co Sheriff’s department….and my 1 GB PNY SD card was bent and destroyed in an illegal false arrest for trespassing and false (Made-up resisting as Lt Lile stated "Mouth " watch your mouth!! as I explained that you were fuck-ups and didn’t know the law for trespassing on public property after dark Like Officer Freeman of the Tyler PD. with a false arrest on Rose Rudman Trail…for being in the park after dark when the Statue unknown to Them was in the Tyler city codes for 12:01 am and worse a white male jogger was also there whom they didn’t arrest….or Shooting Public Buildings from Public streets…

    Sec. 86-132. Animals. (From Palestine City Codes 2-12-2007)

    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to tether or pasture any animal in or upon any park or playground or to hitch any horse or other animal to any tree, shrub, fence, railing or other structure except in an area that is specifically designated as appropriate for hitching an animal.

    (b) Animals within a city park must be controlled at all times by the owner and registered as provided in section 14-31. Dogs must be on leash. Dog owners must be able to show current rabies vaccination records as required by section 14-33, as well as city registration documentation.

    (c) A person in control of, or responsible for, an animal in a city park is responsible for removing waste left by the animal.
    (Ord. No. O-33-06-B, § II, 7-24-2006)


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